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Schott's Pistachio Butter

Made from premium quality, whole pistachios.

Vegan. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Soy-free. Non-GMO

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Schott's Pistachio Butter is an all natural butter made from the highest quality pistachios grown and hand-selected in the beautiful Central Valley of California. Enjoy our premium gourmet butter on toast and crackers or straight out of the jar. It's also great for cooking, baked goods, smoothies, spreads, sauces and dips. See our recipes for more great ideas! 

You won't find anything but natural, honest, quality ingredients in our pistachio butter! We prefer it that way and so should you. Our product contains NO ADDITIVES - no added sugar, salt, or oils of any kind. 



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Schott Farms is based in Pixley, California where they farm approximately 4,000 acres. A large part of their land is utilized for the purpose of producing pistachio orchards, which is where the idea grew for Schott's Pistachio Butter.

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Matthew Schott

Farmer + Founder | After years of working with his father, Matthew knew one day he wanted to be an entrepreneur. With those dreams at hand and the family business knowledge, he knew he could expand the family business and carry on the tradition that generations of his family have relied on, but to carry it on in his own unique way. Matthew has a huge heart for his family history and the passion to make his dream flourish.